(Archery Ranches Only)

    Heart of Texas Bowhunting was established to give the working class hunter a great hunt at a great price. We believe in big hunting areas with little hunting pressure and strict rules in place designed to give everyone the optimum chance for success. Due to the overwhelming need to have guided hunts for those hunters that don’t have the time, experience, or patience to scout and set up their own hunting areas, we have expanded to new pastures and areas to accommodate these hunters. We still have the same amazing hunting areas we’ve always had for our unguided hunts and the same hunting guidelines we’ve always had for these areas. Our unique approach to package hunts and our strict policies have helped open the eyes of hunters as well as outfitters to the idea of fair chase archery hunting.

General Unguided Hunt

(No Trophy fees)

One mature buck*, One Doe, One Turkey Hen and all hogs and varmints.

Enjoy the same outstanding hunting areas that made Heart Of Texas Bowhunting one of the hottest bow hunting ranches in the state.  Extremely large hunting areas, very few hunters, strict regulations and hunting only 3 days a week all create one of the best hunting opportunities for a whitetail bow hunter.  Being able to go in and scout your own areas and set up your own stands or blinds wherever you want to add to the appeal of these bow hunter friendly areas.

*Buck must meet minimum size requirements.
Main frame 9 points or less must score at least 120 P&Y inches.
Main frame 10 points and over must score at least 125 P&Y inches.


(No Trophy fees)

One mature buck***, One Doe, One Turkey hen and all hogs and varmints.

You don’t need to worry about the set up here. You’ll sit in one of our stands or blinds strategically located giving you the best possibility for success. Extremely limited pressure on these areas will assure you a chance at harvesting a mature whitetail buck. We continue to have a 100% opportunity rate on this hunt.

***buck size and age restrictions are required.
8 point main frame and less must be at least 4 years old and older and not score more than 120 P&Y inches.


Price Based
On Size

One mature buck, One Doe, One Turkey hen and all hogs and varmints.

With the help of feeders, food plots, game cameras and whatever else may be necessary we’ll get you in a location for the highest possible chance for success on a true, low fenced, Texas whitetail trophy.  Big, secluded hunting areas with almost no pressure will allow you the opportunity at one of these elusive mature bucks that everyone dreams about. You may be hunting in a ladder stand, tri-pod, lock-on, ground blind or whatever else we can dream up to get you in and put a trophy on your wall.

Trophy fees apply. No age restrictions.
120 inch to 140 inch will be charged $20.00 per inch of antler.
140 to 150 inch will be charged $25.00 per inch of antler.
150 inches and over will be charged $30.00 per inch of antler.
10 point main frame deer and over will automatically be scored by the inch even if it scores less than 120 inches.

For all wounded deer not recovered, the hunter will be charged $2,000.00 flat fee.
If horns are found at a later date we will make arrangements to get them to the hunter at no further expense, even if the deer scores higher than the fee would cover.

When a trophy buck is harvested these fees take the place of the $1,500.00 base guided hunt fee.
If a guide is required to sit with a hunter or take them around on a spot and stalk or rattling hunt there will be an additional $200.00 per day guide fee.

  • All archery hunts are 3 day hunts with lodging included.
  • Full service hunt packages are available for fully guided hunts upon request, (added fees apply).
  • One on One guides available for individual service such as spot and stalk hunting, rattling, etc... for $200.00 per day per guide.


    Heart of Texas Bowhunting also offers rifle hunts on other ranches around our area. These are limited hunts and range from open wheat field hunting to hunting on feeders or corn fed sendero’s. The hunting season will start the first weekend on November and go through the first weekend of January. All hunts are guided with us taking you to your stands or blinds and picking you up, or having a guide with you while you hunt.

Doe Hunts


You are allowed to take up to two does per day and all hogs and varmints.

Cull Buck Hunts


One buck (7 points or less and 3 1/2 yrs old or older), one doe, all hogs and varmints.

Management Buck Hunt


One buck (9 points or less, less than 120", 3 1/2 yrs old or older), one doe, all hogs and varmints.

Trophy Buck Hunt


One buck (120" up to 149 7/8" - $20.00 per inch of antler. 150" and up $30.00 per inch of antler), one doe, all hogs and varmints.

  • All rifle hunts are 3 day hunts and include lodging.
  • Trophy buck hunt will have a minimum fee of $1,000.00 per person if buck is not taken.
  • Trophy hunt is all inclusive, (meals, lodging, guide).
  • Your are still responsible for your own hunting license.

Premium Guided Hunt

       We are always striving to fill the needs of each and every hunter that might want to come visit. We offer a no-hassle hunt where size doesn't matter. There's no need for a calculator in the blind here. One price for the deer of your choice on an exclusive area that receives very limited hunting pressure. A full 4 day hunt where meals, lodging and guide are also included. Our guides will also field dress and quarter your game in preparation for the trip back home for you.


One buck (NO LIMITS), One Doe, ALL hogs and varmints.
  • 4 Full day hunt (arriving evening before hunt).
  • No trophy fees.
  • Hunt is all inclusive (meals, lodging, guide).
  • Field dressing and quartering game included.
  • You are still responsible for your license.

(other ranches)


$650.00 (unguided)

Each hunt is a one bird, two day hunt.
An additional bird is $400.00.



From ingles to large groups, hunt over feed fields and natural flyways or on water holes. We have access to numerous ranches in surrounding counties to get the best the season has to offer. (We also offer fully catered dove hunts for corporate groups, call for pricing)



Hunt wild, west Texas birds over our pointers or bring your own and do it yourself. All hunts are two person minimum and guided hunts are with no more than 4 people per guide.

(Other hunt packages will include rifle, bow or muzzle load hunts for any of our species on different ranches. We can offer anything from fully guided to semi-guided hunts on ranches with fully furnished lodging to primitive camp site hunting. Call for group pricing)

(all prices subject to change)

Book your 2016 season hunt package now.
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If you cancel at least 30 days prior to your hunt and rebook the same hunting season,

then your deposit will go to that date, otherwise there are no refunds.