1. Obey all state game laws.
  2. This is a bowhunting only ranch. No firearms or crossbows are allowed on the property.
  3. No dull broadheads or stone points will be permitted to be used for hunting. Keep your Braodheads Sharp.
  4. All arrows will have your name and phone # on the fletching, (this will be checked).
  5. No hunting within 1/2 mile of headquarters.
  6. You are allowed 1 mature buck, 1 doe, 1 turkey hen and all hogs and varmints per trip. Make sure of your does. (Shooting a button buck will be a 500.00 fine) we also have axis does running around. (shooting an axis doe will be a $250.00 fine)
  7. Onlymature bucks (9 point and under W/ minimum P&Y score of 120 inches or 10 point and over w/minimum P&Y score of 125 inches. General non-guided area).
    ($750.00 penalty fee for 9 point deer and under that do not make the minimum and $1,500.00 penalty fee for 10 point deer that do not make the minimum).
    All penalty fees will be paid immediately before resuming hunt.
  8. If you hit an animal come in and tell us. Don’t begin tracking your deer into another persons area without our help. WOUNDING; If you draw blood on an animal that is your animal. A hit is a harvest so make your shots count!
  9. No hunting within a 150 yards of any feeder or water tank or trough.
  10. No stands within 50 yards of boundary lines.
  11. No shooting across boundary lines.
  12. No flagging to and from your stand or blinds.
    You must use natural materials such as limbs or rocks to mark your trails.
    A hand held GPS device is strongly recommended for marking your hunting locations and dead animals
  13. Use of ATVs is permitted going to and from your assigned area. Do not get off roads and do not go past designated driving areas with any vehicle. If you need to get an animal out we will be glad to assist you. Driving will be limited to getting to and from your area with no sight seeing. Scouting must be done from foot.
  14. Stay in your area while hunting. Do not cross any fences. If you disturb another hunter in his area you will be asked to pay for his entire hunt and vise versa.
  15. Tree Trimming: you may trim trees as you need but don’t cut any limbs or trees larger than one inch in diameter.
  16. No screw in tree steps.
  17. Keep all gates as you found them. Closed if they are closed and open if they are open.
  18. Watch out for the cows. This is a working cattle ranch.
  19. No driving from 30 minutes before daylight till 10:00am and from 4:00pm till dark.
  20. No alcohol permitted in hunting areas. Keep it in the camp. No smoking in the camp house or hunting areas.
  21. Do not litter. If you see litter please pick it up.
  22. There is a cleaning station provided to field dress or quarter your game but please put only animal remains in buckets. No trash! We will haul off remains and dispose of them. A walk in cooler is provided on premises for your convenience but please keep this clean.
  23. Keep the camp house clean, there are other hunters when you leave. There will be a $10.00 room cleaning fee per person upon arrival. Room inspection and additional cleaning fees may apply if damages or extra dirty rooms (ie. Excessive mud, food and trash) are found when you leave.
  24. No dogs allowed on the ranch.
  25. Trash: take it home with you.
  26. Do not waste game meat. If you do not want it talk to us and we’ll find a place for it.
  27. Good luck and have fun!

    If you break any of these rules you may be asked to leave the ranch, forfeit all hunt money and you will not be allowed back. All rules are intended for the benefit of the ranch and the hunters to achieve maximum success.